Loving Father refuses to give daughter away on her big day

It was rather touching and amusing to see a man in Illinois taking his daughter down the aisle but refusing to give her away to prospective groom.

This particular gesture that had arisen out of complete paternal emotions appealed greatly to the fathers all over. Danellia and Kyle Vancil’s wedding that had occurred a month ago is still getting a lot of attention because of this. Danellia has not been offended by her father’s doings and says that it is a very sweet and touching gesture on his part to show his love for her. Danellia says that at the rehearsal dinner the night before her wedding they had spend over forty minutes in practicing the main part where the parents consent to give away their daughter.

However on the main day there was a surprise when her father refused to give his daughter away. Her father, Mike Connell a professor of political economy and commerce at Monmouth College had said that his daughter was not his property and he was no one to give her. He even said that he and his wife loved their daughter unconditionally and God had entrusted upon them the responsibility of nurturing her. He even said that he and his wife did not raise the child to give her but rather they wanted to set her free in whatever she did.

Mike Connell has even sent his viewpoint in an essay of about 750 words to the Wall Street Journal and the article goes by the name “A Father’s Falter at the Wedding Altar.” This liberalistic approach has highly appealed to a large number of audiences mainly comprising of fathers and daughters. Mike said that his speech fetched him a lot of positive feedback from other fathers and he also received a lot of mails and phone calls from a lot of places in America.

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