Josh Duggar wants to renew wedding vows with Anna

Josh Duggar, after all his sex related dirts, is quite desperate and willing to do anything possible to save his marriage with Anna Duggar.

A leading entertainment website reported that Josh is now thinking of taking his wedding vows again. He believes that he would be able to convince her wife to give up all thoughts of divorce.
It appears that time is running fast on Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar’s side. With Josh’s sex scandals laying a strain on their marriage, Anna is reportedly thinking of leaving her husband for good. Once Josh completes his sex addiction rehab, he would give everything to save his relationship. He would like to have a grand ceremony once he gets out of rehab. He has something great plan for Anna.
But, in the midst of all these reports, it appears that Anna does not want to stay married to Josh. It has been really stressful for her and she is now a full time parent.
27 year old Josh Duggar became the centre of attention when it came out that he molested underage girls when he was a teen. He confessed that to Anna even before they got married. But he had several other affairs and he also kept his Ashley Madison account a top secret. Anna felt disgusted when he came to know about this. Then Anna moved to her family. She then started considering filing divorce. Josh has asked Anna to not file divorce.

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